The beginning…

We were married in November of 2007 and moved from the city of Milwaukee to a tree farm in rural Slinger, Wisconsin the next weekend. It was one of the worst snow storms that weekend in the past decade and with the bitter cold and piles of snow we felt tousled and excited at the same time. The farm is 12 acres in total split with Liz’s parents and her sister Brianne. After riding out the winter we decided to build a temporary apartment in a barn until we could afford building a house. This sounds easy enough but at the time we had little to no building experience and relied heavily on friends, family, internet and Youtube vidoes to be our guide. The one thing we don’t lack is an industrious attitude to try new things, make mistakes and be as resourceful as possible. While building our house we we’re also trying to turn the tree farm into a working hobby farm to raise and grow all our own food. We started researching and experimenting the best ways to develop a vegetable garden, and how to raise chickens and pigs.  As with our house we’re always exploring new endeavors and tweaking past ones as we strengthening our skills. Soon we started to enjoy our barn house and the feeling that we built it completely with our own hands, so we decided to expand it and make it our permanent residence. At this time we figured we didn’t have enough going on with building a house and a farm so we decided to have our first child. We continued to build as our money and time allowed creating a home that we’re truly proud of. We have come a long way and now have a second child and many more farm animals which add to the excitement and adventures of our life and projects. We have a great passion for DIY and design and figured this would be an ideal outlet for our ideas and inspirations. This post is to just get us started and we’ll share more of our farm, family and life as this blog progresses.


About mauledbydesign

The story of a growing family experiencing farm life, design and everyday chaos..

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