Green Onion

We love green onions! They add that bit if zing to any recipe. So, when we heard about this trick we couldn’t resist!  Basically, keep about an inch of the bulb-end, place it in a cup of water on a sunny windowsill, let them grow and clip bits off as you need. Don’t forget to rinse the roots and change the water every other day or so. We started these out a few weeks ago and they are still going strong and they grow so fast it’s unbelievable. We can’t wait to see how long we can keep using the same green onions. You can’t beat countertop hydroponics!



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  1. This works! I’ve have a bunch on my windowsill for a couple days now, and already have 4 inches of green onion. Fantastic.

  2. I love onions and eat them whenever I want to! So this is a great trick for me!

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