Pallet Wall

Jesse has been on the lookout for pallets ever since we moved out here.  There are a million things you can use and create with old shipping pallets.  We got pallets our first year here when we tried to corral our pigs into the trailer… which as you can imagine using a pallet as a shield to help move a 300 lb. pig into a trailer…. isn’t the easiest or most effective!  So a few weeks ago Jesse found an ad on Craigslist that a company was getting rid of a bunch of pallets.  When we got all the pallets home Jesse spent a few nights and nap times while Crosby and Stone were sleeping cutting off the flat wood from the front and back of the pallets with a Sawzall. Definitely buying a good new blade helped a lot!  We were a little concerned with cutting through the nails that they would be a problem with falling out when we had them on the wall but so far the cool old nail heads are only adding to the old rustic look and have stayed put.  We spent time organizing them by widths so lining them up into rows on the wall would be easier.  We are still planning on putting a coat of poly  or a sealant over the boards just because you never know what they’re treated with or what was being shipped on them.  But the finished wall really gives our upper hallway more character!




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  1. I like that wall! I wonder if the boys will one day carve their initials in it.

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