Record Shelf

I love this cheap and funky… not to mention unique record shelf!  Stone was at the pulling everything off of shelves stage when we wanted to display Jesse’s records. We looked into boxes hung on the wall or shelving units but they were too bulky and not to mention little hands could reach up and start pulling out the records. We got the pieces of conduit from HomeDepot and they sell them in different lengths with threaded ends to screw into the elbow(corner) joints or the pieces that attache to the wall. If they don’t sell your length I am sure you could get them to cut it and make the end threaded.

The wall attachment piece has three screw holes. A few of the screw holes landed on studs but the ones that didn’t we used heavy duty drywall anchors to hold the weight of the records. I think we went in and asked the Home Depot guy which ones were good enough to hold a lot of weight and he sent us in the right direction. The shelf part is a piece of barn board that we cut to the lengthbut you could use any flat material to fit.  We seem to always go with a modern/eclectic material like the conduit and then mix it up with something kind of rustic like barn board.



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