Composting is one of the best and most important things you can do to ensure healthy plants and vegetables. The best thing about composting is you can put as much energy and effort you want to in it and always achieve success. If you want to just throw some biodegradable material in a pile and let it compost, that’s fine but you can also get deep into what you’re putting into your pile and monitoring the temperature and moisture levels too.  I use old pallet shipping containers that I modified to be sturdier and allow the fronts to slide out for moving the compost around.  I use the three bin composting method where I pile everything in the first bin and then when that fills up move it to the second bin where it can just break down more and then finally to the third bin which is my completed compost. I also use red wigglers in my bins to help break down faster and add more nutrients to my finished compost. I don’t do that much to my bin but I’ve learned to watch my moisture and balance of materials and I aerate with a pitchfork every once in awhile but I also have red wiggler worms doing a lot of the work for me. Composting with worms is such an amazing and beneficial system for your compost. They eat their weight everyday, so if you have five pounds of worms, you have to add five pounds of food for them to break down. Composting is fun and really opens up to how you view food and how our society uses it, so start a bin today and message me any questions you have.




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  1. Isn’t composting just a fancy way of saying you’re recycling old food?

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