Ladder Wall Shelf

We went to an estate sale last summer and found this old unique 10 foot wooden ladder. We thought about using it to lean up against a wall in the bathroom and put towels on the steps but yet again the theme of trying to keep things away from a 2 year old made us think about hanging it horizontally. We had this sitting in the garage for a while since we had no idea how we were going to actually get it hung safely. We had a really long empty wall in our bedroom so that would be the perfect place to hang it, which ended up being a lot easier than we imagined. We used 4″ L-brackets and spaced them out on the ladder so they would both hit studs in the wall. The ladder wasn’t very deep so we left a 2″ gap from the wall to the ladder so we’d be able to put books and larger items on it with ease.




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  1. Aren’t you people so clever! What a great idea!

  2. Nice thinking. Might do something similar for hanging scarves on in my new bedroom – have dozens of them and they’d make a pretty display. Cheers!

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