Today’s eggs!

Lots of happenings in the chicken coop today! The short days of winter are over which means we are back into good egg production. After a stop in production from about November till January, we finally pinpointed it to the fact that the days are too short. In the factory farms they’ll trick the chickens with a light in the coop going on and off to simulate the sun to make them lay more eggs per day… I think we’ll stick to natures way. I’m sure they appreciate the break. But, none the less we are back in business. We went out to the coop to gather the eggs and got a whopping 23 eggs! Along with a great haul we also got such a great variety in color and size that we had to share it.

The color difference is due to the specific breed of hen. Hens with white feathers and white earlobes will lay white eggs, whereas hens with red feathers and matching-colored earlobes give us brown eggs. But were there any other differences, we wondered? They typically lay double yolk eggs, yolkless eggs or a small egg when they are young and start laying for the first time. This is due to their reproductive systems being immature, once they get it sorted out it’s an egg a day.

These are things you won’t see in grocery store eggs… even if it has organic stamped on the carton.


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  1. Gorgeous! I don’t have space (or the right zoning) to have chickens right now, but we always had them growing up and I miss them so much!

  2. You so cool.
    fer real!
    me jealous.

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