Goat Milkin’

Since we’ve been milking Frankie and Fiesta twice a day for about 6 months, I just thought I would fill you in on that daily adventure. It all begins when I hop out of bed… oh wait… groggily stumble out of bed and into my very attractive one piece snow suit. Now I’m ready to get out there, milk and collect some eggs. In order to milk I need the stainless steel milk pail which I milk directly into. Then in between milking Frankie and Fiesta I’ll pour their milk into the funnel/strainer and into the quart size mason jar.  I like to pour the milk into the mason jar in between milking the girls just incase one of them gets a hoof into the milk pail then I won’t lose all of the milk.

We don’t have running water out there so I fill up that awesome 5 gallon nalgene water jug and tote that out there too.  I always like to have water out there for the obvious reason of thirsty goats but also because if there isn’t any water out there then Cheddar (Frankie’s daughter) will nurse from Frankie and we won’t get any milk during that milking!

Now, you may be wondering what you do to the milk once you filter it into the mason jar. Well, are you ready for the answer? Nothing. We put it into the fridge to drink or in a Ziploc bag in the freezer to make cheese. Yes it’s unpasteurized and we may get berated for this but just do a google search on raw milk and you will understand why we love it. I know, I know you’re thinking gross I’ve had goats milk and it tastes like a farm. I have had so many people try our milk after saying that and then say it’s better than any cows milk they’ve ever had.

I’ll have to get further in-depth into the whole milking procedure and milking cleanliness in another post.


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  1. When are you going to share with us on how you make your cheese?

  2. We’re running out of the feta cheese we made so we’ll have to make some more soon!

  3. Can you make me some Gruyere? I know…I’m fancy.

  4. Wendy

    You are awesome.

  5. Bethany

    I still haven’t made cheese and would love to see a post on that! (Not that I ever had enough extra milk… we drink it almost as soon as I finish milking!)

    • Totally! My 2 kids get first dibs on the milk so when there is some extra I’m in heaven drinking a big glass! People just don’t understand how good real milk tastes!

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