Easter Glitter Bomb!

This plan started off extremely positive and exciting but didn’t quite work out as well as we’d planned. We thought we would be hanging out in the yard playing a fun Easter game and we’d gently throw the eggs at each other so that they would easily break on contact in a little explosion of glitter. Not so much. Stone wanted to have nothing to do with the egg fight and I convinced Jesse to let me throw one at him full force so we could see it break. It was hilarious, these eggs were so tough they didn’t break easily and when they did it hurt! We walked away from this exciting Easter event covered in glitter and welts…. Hmmmm? Easter Glitter Bomb fail!

I would like to add that free range eggs shells and inside membranes are a lot stronger than store-bought eggs. So if you were going to try this at home I would recommend buying the cheapest eggs you can find. Those probably won’t leave welts.


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One comment

  1. Sue

    Cool picture, but I’m sure Jesse could have done without the welts!!

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