The new shed/turkey coop has arrived!

The last two years that we’ve raised turkeys we’ve attempted many different ways of housing them. None of which have worked at all. The coops were either too heavy or way too light. Let me just say that last year we tried PVC pipes for the frame and it broke in half with the weight of the turkeys roosting, we won’t be doing that again. We always scour Craigslist for sheds and almost bought one but when we called a moving company to transport it for us, it would’ve cost us around 1500.00 just for the move on top of the price of the shed. Doing it ourselves with a rented trailer would have got pretty pricy too, not to mention our lack of shed transporting experience.

Somehow the luck was in our favor when we saw this 14’x21′ shed on craigslist where the guy said he would deliver it as well. This seemed way too good to be true. When we went down to see the shed for the first time we learned that this guy does this type of thing for a living and the city was making him get rid of this shed due to the building of a newer one on his property. Bad for him but great for us!

The journey the shed had to make was around 40 miles which took about 2 hours. We had to follow behind with wide load signs and flashing lights making sure nothing flew off the shed in route. The planning began a few days ago where we had to help him brace the inside of the shed  with 2×8’s for the journey and jack it up on the trailer so we could take all the cinder blocks from under it. After getting the blocks we trenched where we were going to place them for its new home on our farm.

Price Breakdown:

  • Shed on Craigslist……………..1000.00
  • Wide Load Driving permit……..40.00
  • Wood to brace inside shed……220.00
  • Gas to drive up here……………160.00
  • 2 Wide Load signs/4 flags……..50.00

Grand Total:   1470.00

We made it up to our land in record time and it all was going great. We started laying the cinder blocks and making sure our footings were square.  Stone was helping out with the digging with his tiny shovel. We started backing it into place and that’s when things got more difficult. Because it had rained for the past couple days his 6000lb trailer was quickly sinking into the grass.  Unfortunately we decided that before we get stuck or ruin the shed lets just hold off. So disappointing. We’re going to wait till the ground dries and he can drive his trailer into position without getting stuck.

Stay tuned till next time when we have our shed in place and can start growing some turkeys!! Then sometime after that we’re going to repaint the outside and re-shingle the roof and it will look brand new.


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  1. Juris

    Nice! It’s huge! How many turkeys will you have in there?

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