The squash garden

This is the first year we’ve started seeds indoors. We started everything…well pretty much everything except for quick growing or early crops like lettuce and snap peas. We started our seeds indoors around 6 weeks ago. We’re not really sure if it helps to start things like zucchini and squash early but we did. Every other year our cantaloupe or pumpkins don’t get as large as we would like so hopefully this little head start will give them a chance to grow big! We even planted GIANT pumpkin seeds! We could have prize winning huge pumpkins!!


We have two gardens. A squash garden that we’ve already planted zucchini, acorn squash, pie pumpkins, giant pumpkins in. Our other garden that we’ll plant everything else in we haven’t quite gotten to yet. That’ll be next weekend.

The first year we planted our squash garden it became overgrown with weeds. Since squash gets planted so far apart we started putting 4mil black plastic sheeting over the whole garden. We used garden stakes to stake it in and pull it taught. Then we took something circular and used that as a guide to cut our holes for planting.

Now it’s time to plant and water and hope they survive.


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  1. Great idea with the plastic- I think I will try that method. Thanks for sharing.

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