Freedom Ranger meat chicks and Turkeys!

Around a month ago we got our meat chicks and turkeys. We picked up 40 Freedom Ranger meat chicks and 30 turkeys from Sunnyside Hatchery in Beaver Dam, WI. The past two years we’ve raised meat chicks during the summer. We have previously raised cornish cross meat chickens which are the fast growing genetically modified big white KFC type chickens. This year we’re going old school. We’re raising heritage turkeys and Freedom Ranger chickens! Instead of taking 6 weeks to get a full grown chicken the freedom rangers take 10 to 12 weeks.


Today we moved the 4 week old chicks and turkeys into their new semi free ranging coop. We don’t want to lose any chickens like we have in the past so we’re not letting them be full free ranging quite yet. When we first raised meat chicks we built a moveable coop that gave them access to fresh grass to eat. We added wheels last year so that it will be easy to move the coop every couple days to a new patch of fresh grass. The turkeys will be around till Thanksgiving and we’ll be moving them into their coop in the new shed once we build their room inside. Another project for the list!


We’re planning on selling these and then in September getting some more meat chicks so that we can have a supply of organic chicken for our freezer.

I was looking on the internet trying to find the price that people charge. I can find pasture fed Freedom rangers ranging anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00 per pound.  Last year we charged 3.00 per pound which is ends up being around 20 dollars per chicken. We’ll be selling the meat chickens first come first serve at the end of July. The turkeys will be read just in time for Thanksgiving!


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  1. We used to raise chickens as well. The grass died within weeks around the pen. I like your idea of the mobile coop and the design you’ve set up. If you lived closer, I’d buy some chickens knowing that you take care of your animals so well.

  2. I haven’t raised meat birds since I found a great farmer nearby who raises the best meat from all critters… we just do eggs and butcher any needed culls or roosters that crop up from a broody hen. I happily pay 5.25 US for Kingbird Farm whole chickens. So I think you are low at 3.00. Best of luck w/ the birdies…nice looking chicken tractor.

    • Thanks for the advice! We’ll have to look more into how much to charge. It’s so hard when you don’t know cause you don’t want to charge too much or too little. But I agree I would happily pay more for good meat.

  3. I’ve raised/butchered enough to know a good deal when I see it 😉 Kingbird Farm is organic, pastured and just recently became animal welfare approved. They are dear farmers making a living doing everything right. You can check them out here: if you like. They have price lists etc. which may help you to determine what range to fall into.

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