We’re in print…

I’ve been in the mode of entering a bunch of contests. First it was the HGTV dreamhome where I spent 60 dollars in stamps and hours during work filling out index card entries. Then I entered the This Old House reader remodel contest. I actually received a call from this old house where they wanted to interview me for an article. Of course I thought this meant I may have won and they were calling to interview me to make sure that my house remodel entry was real.  Well, I didn’t win but they really were interviewing us for an article which is still pretty neat. The article was called, “How to apprentice yourself.” We shared some golden nuggets of advice and they actually printed it. It’s a bummer we didn’t win but maybe I”ll win the next contest we enter! Check out the July 2012 issue of “This Old House” and you’ll see Mauledbydesign!



About mauledbydesign

The story of a growing family experiencing farm life, design and everyday chaos..


  1. Wait until they read about your next adventure!

  2. Dan

    Yeeeaah Boyyyyyy!!!

  3. pretty darn cool!

  4. lazyhippiemama

    I would be so crazy excited! Congratulations!

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