The Peach man


Once a year the peach man makes his way to Slinger, WI. The peach man is actually a company called TreeRipe Citrus and they deal with a lot more fruit then just peaches. They also transport blueberries, oranges and grapefruits directly from the growers to areas all over the midwest. They were scheduled to come to slinger today from 5 to 6. When I called tree ripe to see when they would be in Slinger they said they would mostly likely be sold out by the time they got to us due to the poor growing season. Oh no! Well, we found out that they would be nearby in Cedarburg at noon and we made it there in time and got our peaches and blueberries.

Whenever we get the blueberries we eat as many as we can and then we freeze the rest to use for the rest of the year. We’ll put them in our oatmeal or bake them into muffins and pancakes. Mmmm.

The peaches aren’t ripe yet so we take them out of the box and lay them out on a towel on the kitchen table. It takes about a day and then they are ready to eat and can. Let me tell you these are the best peaches in the world when they are finally ripened and they’re twice as good in the dead of winter.


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  1. I guess we know what you’ll be doing the next couple days 🙂 Canned peaches are the most awesome winter treat, imo. I use maple syrup to can mine (going on 20 years now) and then you end up w/ a maple/peach syrup when all the peaches are ‘et up.

  2. I’m pretty convinced your boys are so gorgeous because they eat such healthy, unadulterated food.
    Well, that and excellent genes! 🙂

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