6 little Piggies

The summer pigs are here! This year we went with the Berkshire pigs again. There’s a farm a little ways away from us that raises their pigs in an organically minded way. We’ve been going with them for the past 2 years. This works out perfectly for us because they’ll deliver the pigs even if we only order 6. The truck came and dropped off our 6 little pigs a few days ago.


601760_10151653395196788_500454059_n photo (1) copy

Stone kept trying to creep up on the new pigs but he wasn’t too stealthily and they would all run away before he could pet them.971357_10151585206314675_1791820136_n Hopefully this year we’ll have the pig area on lock down. Last year we built their new electric fenced in grass areas and the shelter for them to sleep in. The only thing that was a little tricky was the feed and water for the pigs. But luckily late in the season last year Jesse found a large feeder online that holds a large amount of feed. The waterer was also not working too great since we depend on a rain barrel to keep it full and last year was quite the dry year. Hopefully we’ll get that set and then it’ll be easy breezy taking care of these guys.


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