Reclaimed Console Table

We had a large slab of wood left over from taking apart an old work bench that I’ve been saving for a future project. The only problem was it was painted an ugly pink color. We had plans to make it into some type of bench or work table but ended up using it as a console table for our living room. We used a gel paint stripper to take off the multiple layers of paint from the wood and then sanded it down until we got a look we were happy with. After that we just did a light coat of stain to give the wood and imperfections a nice “POP” of color. We then finished it up with a clear satin lacquer.


We’ve done a couple projects now using conduit piping and really enjoy the look as well as the strength and durability the finish product always has. For this project we decided to finish off the legs using the black 1/2″ piping we got from Home Depot. All it takes is some rough measuring, seeing what they have in stock and some creativity to how you want it to look.

Legs Almost_Finished

In the background below the TV you can see the finished product. We added a barn board shelf to hold all our TV components and so far we’re quite happy with the end result.



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  1. It turned out just beautifully! Love the conduit piping!

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