Getting ready to start seeds

20140225-213651.jpgOur seeds are here! Spring… you can come anytime now.

It Says we’re supposed to start our cauliflower seeds inside right now. At this point in the winter it really doesn’t feel like spring is ever going to get here. And it really doesn’t feel like anytime in the near future I’m going to be able to go outside and plant something in the ground.

Last year we ordered seeds from Johnny’s Seeds which I thought was a really good reputable/non-gmo company for seeds.  I actually found this list online of all the non-gmo and gmo seed company’s and Johnny’s was on the list for both. So not really sure about that.

Last year our goal was to save our seeds so that we wouldn’t have to buy any seeds this year… yeah, well that didn’t happen. So this year we REALLY are going to save seeds. In order to do that we had a long chat with my science guru of a mother and we decided we needed to go with heirloom seeds if we were going to have any luck saving them. Apparently when you buy non-heirloom seeds you get really tasty large produce but a low rate of success in saving seeds. We decided to go with a company called Seedsavers. Since they were all about the heirloom vegetables.

During my few minutes of googling reputable seed companies I did come across a cool looking one called Seedsnow. It seems like they are no-nonsense for gmo seeds. They said they guarantee 100% that their seeds are non-gmo and they don’t work with any company that does do gmo products. If that’s what you are looking for it seems like a good place to start.

Anyways, back to business. We got our seeds today!! Woo Hoo!! One of the things I really liked when I was buying these seeds online was that in their informational snippet about the product it told you where this seed was developed. It made me feel that if the seed I was buying was mainly used in the midwest then that seed was going to work great in my climate.

The back of the tomato packet below says, “Bred by JC Walker at the University of Wisconsin in the 1940s. Excellent all-purpose tomato, great for canning. Does best on rich soils. Remembered as one of the best home and market tomatoes in the Madison, Wisconsin area.”

Time to start planting….Well, time to start planting seeds inside and waiting till spring really gets here.

20140225-213702.jpg  20140225-213715.jpg


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  1. I got my seeds from a similar company called High Mowing in Vermont. They also sell some hybrid seeds (not gmo, hybrid are just that. A cross between two plants) but all organic. More significantly they sell pasture and forage crops such as alfalfa or clover! Very cool.

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